Social Distancing with Oll3H

Social Distancing with Oll3H

Share contact information with our virtual, digital, or in-person options

About Oll3H

Post-Covid_19, the world will look different no matter how quickly we forget about these months of #QuarantineLife. New norms, businesses, and ideas have taken root and we will find them to be more efficient as we move forward.

At the time of development, we didn’t realize how vital our new app would be for connecting people in 2020. Here we are with requests for “no handshakes”, the need for “virtual connecting”, and “more private communication”. The team at Oll3H had set these features up with a vision to help people connect more efficiently and safely and make the world a better place. We are honored to be able to serve our community and the world at large during this time.

Take a look at how you can use participate in social distancing with Oll3H and use Oll3H to connect with NEW people & LONG-LOST acquaintances. Scan! Don’t shake hands! The Oll3H App makes meeting people and sharing information safe & efficient.


1. STEP 1 – Create your 4 Oll3H cards that you can scan into a new acquaintance or potential business partner’s phone : *Business Card* *Social Card* *School Card* *Just Saying Hello*

2. STEP 2 – Invite Your Contacts to download Oll3H through the option in the app – that way you can organize, edit, or clean up the contacts you already have.

3. STEP 3 – Still grow your business, make new connections or friends with the modern social distancing Oll3H App Download Here : or here :



The virtual handshake is the answer to these germy fears (plus, this app is actually more efficient when it comes to meeting someone new and saying hello). You can swap contact information when you meet somebody new viaQR code Even from 10 feet away you can scan your virtual business card, social card, school card, or just saying hello card into your new acquaintance’s phone. Connecting safely while social distancing is easier with the Oll3H app!


Feeling disconnected from your peers? Networking and keeping in touch with other students is vital in this time and for your future. Share your #Oll3H card with your friends & peers and then you can share all the contact information you need in order to stay in touch no matter where they’re logging into class from. SAFELY & EASILY.Even years from now, your Oll3H contacts can edit and update their contact info so you never lose touch. You never know who could be a client or business partner 10 years down the road!


Clean up and clear out your contact list. The never ending task of organizing your contacts and sharing information just got EASIER THAN EVER ! Download the #Oll3H App

1) Start with creating your profile

2) Customize your 4 virtual business/social/school/h3llo cards

3) Choose “invite” from the menu bar and invite all your contacts to download Oll3H and fill their cards out

4) Those contacts can send you their information cards so that you have updated information

5) As time goes by they can always edit their information in your Oll3H app contact list so you never lose touch!


Protect your info! If you need to share contact or private information in your virtual meetings, do it with the #Oll3H app!

Privacy settings for your info, you can take back or edit info you’ve shared with people after the fact, no screenshotting, & alerts on iphones for screenshots.

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