a multi-purpose application providing essential elements for connecting people while simplifying the process of retaining valuable contact details

This essential mobile platform has everything you need to simplify your life while eliminating the need for paper business cards.

Effortlessly keep your contacts up-to-date:

Oll3H provides a hassle-free feature that automatically updates your contacts new details, so you never have to worry about losing touch.

Exchange contact
details in seconds

With a quick in-app QR scan, your contact details are mutually shared.

Categorize your contacts:

With a quick tap of a button,
classify your new contacts.

Virtual Business Card:

Share your virtual card with anyone, even if they don’t have Oll3H yet.

Search Options:

Personalize the information you want to appear in search results.

Help your community:

Each new QR scan credits your account, allowing you the ability to donate to partnered charities.