Welcome to Oll3H

a multi-purpose application providing essential features for connecting people with the added benefit of helping the community

Everything you need for your social life, consolidated into one app.

Social Media Access

Oll3H provides a hassle-free feature that allows you to access all your social media outlets in one place while sharing them with others on your own terms.

Exchange contact information in seconds:

With a quick in-app QR scan, your contact details are mutually shared.

Individual Privacy Settings:

Don’t want to share your real name?
Quickly assign individual privacy settings for each contact.

Profile Notes:

Do you want to remember certain details about a new contact? Make a quick note on their profile that only you will see!

Interaction Reminders:

Have you ever forgotten how you met someone?
Never forget again with the Time and Location Stamp on each profile!

Regret giving out
your number?

Take it back with Oll3H!

Want to call someone without sharing your number?

Oll3H Allows you to keep your personal details private when making in-app calls or sending in-app messages!

Help your community:

Each new QR scan credits your account, allowing you the ability to donate to partnered charities.